Employer company stock: risky or worth it?

Do you have too much of your employer’s company stock in your 401(k) or other retirement plan? It’s time to find out if you’ve made a smart or risky move.

Employees often have too much of their employer’s company stock in their 401(k) or other retirement plan. That’s because employees tend to feel like they know their companies best. Here’s the problem: they may be overlooking the risks of having too much of an investment in any one company.

Here are some of the risks of loading up on your employer’s stock:

  • The safe-haven effect. Overweighting investment holdings in any company minimizes diversification, exposing your portfolio to increased risk. The belief that employer shares are less risky is an illusion.

  • The one-two punch. No company is protected from economic downturns. If your company’s performance weakens, you may lose your job at the same time as its declining stock harms your retirement portfolio.

  • Lock-up periods. Some companies prohibit employees from converting the employer retirement match contributions in company stock into other investments until after a number of years. In this case, use your own contributions to diversify your holdings.

  • Forgetting risk. As you move closer to retirement, you may forget the riskiness of your employer’s stock to your portfolio. At the same time, contributions of company stock may be growing, based on higher benefit matches — just when portfolio reallocation is becoming more important.

Your goal should be to create a well-balanced portfolio that suits your age (investment horizon) and your risk tolerance. Call us for help reviewing your retirement situation.