IRS publishes tips for amending returns

If you discover an omission or error made on your already filed tax return, you may need to file an amended return. Here are some IRS tips for amending returns.
1. Use Form 1040X. You must file a paper amended return; this form can’t be e-filed.
2. File an amended return to correct errors or change your original filing.
3. Don’t file an amended return to correct math errors or to attach forms you forgot to attach originally. The IRS will mail a request for the forms and will automatically correct math errors.
4. You generally have three years from the original filing date to file an amended return.
5. If you’re filing for multiple years, you must file a separate Form 1040X for each year.
6. If you’re due a refund from your original filing, wait until you’ve received the original refund before you file Form 1040X for an additional refund.
7. If you owe more tax with Form 1040X, pay it as soon as possible to avoid added interest and penalties.
8. You can track the status of your filed Form 1040X with the IRS’s “Where’s My Amended Return?” tool at