A tax credit is available for adoption

Is this the year you’ll adopt a child? If so, you might also qualify for a special break on your income tax return.

If you are preparing to adopt a child, you know your life will change for the better. And, you may have also experienced the financial commitment adoption requires. However, take note, because as an adoptive parent, you may qualify for a special break on your income tax return.

As you know, tax credits save you money by reducing the amount you owe dollar-for-dollar. In the case of the adoption credit, you may be able to save up to $13,570 per child on your 2017 federal income tax return for expenses you pay during the process of adopting a child.

Be aware the credit is subject to a phase-out – that is, the amount you can claim is reduced once your 2017 modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) reaches $203,540. No credit is available when your MAGI is $243,540 or more.

In general, the credit is based on total out-of-pocket expenses including adoption fees, amounts you paid your attorney, court costs, and your meals and lodging while away from home. However, when you adopt a special needs child and qualify for the credit, you can claim the full $13,570, regardless of how much you spent during the adoption process. In addition, you may also be able to exclude from income certain adoption benefits provided by your employer.

The credit is typically available for both foreign and U.S. adoptions. For domestic adoptions, you can claim it even if your attempt to adopt was unsuccessful.

Other tax breaks are available for new parents. Please call us if you would like details.