Who must file a 2013 income tax return | Milwaukee Tax Preparation and Accounting


The rules for filing 2013 tax returns are straightforward for most people. Marital status, age, and income level are generally the determining factors. Heres a quick overview of the income levels at which a 2013 return is required.


*Single individual…..$10,000


*Single individual, 65 or older…..$11,500


*Married individual, separate return, regardless of age…..$3,900


*Married couple, joint return…..$20,000


*Married couple, joint return, one spouse 65 or older…..$21,200


*Married couple, joint return, both spouses 65 or older…..$22,400


*Head of household…..$12,850


*Head of household, 65 or older…..$14,350


*Qualifying widow or widower (surviving spouse)…..$16,100


*Qualifying widow or widower (surviving spouse), 65 or older…..$17,300


Different IRS rules govern filing for dependents, those who owe special taxes (e.g., self-employment tax), children under age 19 and noncitizens. Also taxpayers due a refund should file regardless of income level.


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